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The Book

Where, oh where, can Frank the French Bulldog be? See if you can follow the clues and find the missing pup! Amateur sleuths will have loads of fun with this uniquely interactive book.

Frank loves to run, play, and give slobbery kisses. (He also loves to eat cheese, but DON’T FEED HIM ANY! You’ve been warned.) Then he gets lost—and it’s up to readers to find him. Is he at the park? The baseball field?


Filled with detective-style evidence exhibits, maps, and detailed seek-and-find pages, this engaging story entices young adventurers to discover clues that Frank leaves behind, and eventually locate the little guy himself.

The Author

Anne Bollman began her career in architecture and interior design, then went on to be a lead designer for a leading gift and stationery manufacturer. In 2014 Anne started her own studio,

Anne Was Here, and her work is regularly featured on popular design blogs and in printed publications. Today Anne's designs for greeting cards, stationery, wall art, gifts, tableware, storage, bath, home décor, fabric, accessories, apparel, pet products, and more are sold in retail stores worldwide. Help Find Frank is her first children’s book, inspired by her own dog, Midji. She lives in Los Angeles.

© 2018 by Anne Bollman  |  Sterling Publishing

This is Frank,

an adorable, mischievous,

French bulldog. He is lost.

We should help find him.
Can you track Frank down?

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